Inside Sunny Smiles


2 months to 24 months

Our Larva room looks after babies and is very well equipped to cater for all their developmental needs. Our adventure centre includes a slide and tunnel to encourage their crawling and walking. We also hold a variety of activities such as messy play, music time, treasure basket and plenty of play opportunities. 


2 Years to 3 Years

In our Caterpillars room we will be looking after up to 15 children. The room will include areas like book corner, construction area etc. The Activity room will include all their messy activities: arts and crafts, sand and water play, play dough and many more. They will also be visiting TV room at times. By setting the rooms up in this way we aim for the childrens development to take place without too many structured activities. The children will be able to explore and learn throughout their day without too much pressure. They will regularly go out for play and enjoy outdoor play park and games when possible.


3+ Years

In our Butterflies room we cater for up to 15 children aged 3 to 4 years. The activities will be planned towards preparing the children to achieve the early learning goals. The children will learn a great deal from the learning environment provided for them as well as our adult led activities. Activities will also take place outside, weather permitting.

Professional Photographer

A professional photographer visits Sunny Smiles Childrens Nursery once a year about which the parents will be informed well in advance.

* Sunny Smiles is equipped with CCTV camera system for the security and safety of the children.
* Full time SCH licensed nurse.
* Visiting professional doctor
*Shaded outdoors play area